how we choose to
come and go as we please
making everything about me

The extraordinary life of photographers must be magical.  They get to travel, witness and capture amazing things.  It’s not about life, craft, or even beauty, but the way an artist gets to identify what they see and some how bring that vision to life.   Passion is what we all look for and something that […]

We’re just kids in love
enjoying life together
then we slowly wake

Dear Desiree, It’s only been a few weeks since we found out you would be here.  You’re supposedly an August baby, but we will see, sometimes little ones decide to come early, sometimes late.  That makes your birthstone Peridot.  I am starting to gain a little infatuation with light green.  If the date holds true […]

I didn’t know whether to believe it or not. The words that I have been waiting for a lifetime to hear were finally uttered and it seemed that the world and I both exhaled. In happiness and in clarity. A dream, dreamed was finally achieved and words couldn’t express all the emotions that were racing […]