January 15, 2014

My Dear Unborn

Dear Desiree,

It’s only been a few weeks since we found out you would be here.  You’re supposedly an August baby, but we will see, sometimes little ones decide to come early, sometimes late.  That makes your birthstone Peridot.  I am starting to gain a little infatuation with light green.  If the date holds true your zodiac sign would be Leo, I am an Aries, so we should get along great, it’s actually predicted by the stars.  I don’t think they do parenting style zodiac readings though.

Not much has been on my mind other than you while we sit here and await your arrival.  Your mother’s a true champion, she makes carrying you around seem like breathing.  In movies, there’s always some type of complication or some issues surrounding birth, and even the good ones show the actual birth being painful.  Yet your mother walks around like nothing different.

I admire her so, and you being the blood of our blood I am sure your something to be admired too. Well I will keep this one short, not much new for me to report I’m still in awe

Love Always,

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